Top 5 Water Slides in America

You have a lot of summer entertainment options in America particularly when talking about waterslides that are good for both children and adults. When the summer heat comes and your body craves a splash of the water, you may want to explore these attractions for some fun and exciting water adventures. For quality family entertainment, your decision is extremely important and water slides are excellent outdoor family activities that they everyone will surely enjoy.

Here are the top 10 water slides that you need to explore this summer. Get a jaw-dropping water adventure with these thrilling and extraordinary slides. Have an adrenaline-pumping weekend at one of these incredible water slides below.

  1. Blacklight Slide
    (Locations around the United States and Canada)
    Blacklight Slide is no other experience. Slip down inflatable slides with more neon glow liquid than you can handle. Truly a glowing good time. This night based event is an incredible experience unlike any other. You will get the chance to feel weightless as you zoom down giant inflatable slides that are filled with neon glowing water and surrounded by tons of backlights. Guaranteed to brighten your night at this insanely fun event.
  2. Summit Plummet
    (Disney’s Blizzard Beach, Orlando, Florida)
    Summit PlummetMost American locals and even tourists consider the Summit Plummet as the most electrifying water slides that you can experience in Disney. Being at the top of the Splash Mountain, you’ll feel like gravity like never before as it quickly pulls you down to the ground on this near-vertical drop on one of the tallest, fastest free fall body slides in the world.
  3. Boeing 747
    (Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark, McMinnville, Oregon)
    Airplane SlideThis one of a kind water slide is truly a gem. Located in McMinnville Oregon, a Boing 747 has been turned into a daredevils dream. Jump out of this aircraft and catch some serious waves as you slide down its escape hatch slides. The aircraft has been placed on the roof of the Evergreen Wings & Waves Indoor Waterpark.
  4. Scorpions Tail
    (Noah’s Ark, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)
    Scorpions TailThis insane 10-story, 400-feet long slide will have you jumping for joy and watching in awe over its scorpion tail shape. This slide drops visitors and send them plummeting down more than 50-feet per second, and half way through the slide you will encounter America’s first nearly vertical loop.
  5. Wildebeest
    (Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Indiana)
    Wildebeest SlideThis slide is incredibly long, no seriously, its one-third of a mile long and keeps your heart beating fast for two-and-a-half soaking minutes of twists and turns. This slide has been deemed the #1 Water Park Ride on the Planet!

Make the most of your travels by experiencing these amazing water slides in America. Your money is definitely worth the try.